Friday, June 15, 2018

Yemen won't go away

Nadine Drummond, the spokesperson for Save the Children in Sanaa said the Saudi-led assault on the port of Hodeida will bring 'famine' and 'devastation.'

Nadine Drummond explained " I think the situation in Hodeida and Yemen is morally reprehensible. People are calling Yemen the forgotten war but it hasn't been forgotten, people just don't care enough. I think people are far to quick say the war in Yemen has been forgotten because then there is no moral culpability in what is going on there. People are simply ignoring the situation there. There is a moral culpability, particularly for governments that sit on the UN Security Council who have the ability to influence the conflict. These governments include the United Kingdom, the United States and perhaps even France...these are peoples' lives and there are no winners. This is what people need to understand."

Two-thirds of Yemenis don't know where their next meal is coming from and many Yemenis only live on one meal a day.  Hodeida has 100,000 children that are severely malnourished.  Last year, 50,000 children died of preventable diseases such as cholera or measles and that was even before the escalation on Hodeida. There is little hope for the children in Yemen unless there is an end to the conflict.

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