Tuesday, June 12, 2018



The BBC recently broadcast a 3-part drama on the Jeremy Thorpe
scandal and a cancelled 1979 Panorama investigation all of which
demonstrated a cover-up between the three main political parties.

The sexual scandal 'dogging' Mr Thorpe,
Caused all of Westminster's elect to gawp;
'A murder plot' and then 'a gay nuance',
A note, “And Bunnies too, will go to France”! (1)

The 'victim' of this heinous 'murder plot',
Was ex-male fashion model, Norman Scott;
But Mr Thorpe at length got off the hook,
The High Court Judge called Mr Scott, “A crook”! (2)

And then summed up in such a biased way,
That Jeremy was happy and so gay;
To have been vindicated all along,
In spite the fact the evidence was strong.

But British justice dealt with bent MP's,
And Jeremy experienced the squeeze;
Which cost him leadership of all the Libs,
Because of the (alleged!) gay naughty fibs!

And so Thorpe lost his Parliamentary seat,
And thus departed Westminster's elite;
All those Six-Hundred or so well-paid bores,
Who sometimes turn-up for their Common's chores.

And who pretend that they're all deadly foes,
Whilst they all covered-up for one of those;
A Member of the House who was defined,
By those who knew, as musically inclined! (3)

(1) A promise made by Thorpe to Scott in a love letter,
“Bunnies can and will go to France”.

(2) The Judge was Sir Joseph Cantley. See Peter Cook's parody of his
pro-Thorpe summing-up, “Entirely a Matter for You” on You Tube.

(3) Players of the pink oboe.

© Richard Layton

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