Saturday, August 06, 2022

Fortress EU

 Once more the differences between "welcomed" refugees from Ukraine and "unwanted" refugees from everywhere else have come to the fore.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has highlighted that people crossing the Serbia-Hungary border are being subjected to alarming violence, perpetrated by Hungarian authorities. MSF has collected patient testimonies and medical data that indicate people are being denied access to basic services, beaten, and humiliated in their attempts to cross the border. Testimonies from patients and corroborating medical data indicate alarming and repeated use of violence. Some people say they experienced theft and the destruction of personal belongings, while others were forced to strip, even in cold winter temperatures, and sometimes endured other forms of humiliation such as being urinated on by border officials during roundups.

“The consistency and regularity of violence we treat at the Hungary-Serbia border is indiscriminate,” says Andjela Marcetic, MSF medical doctor in Serbia. “Every week, we see several patients, including some children, with severe bruising, deep wounds and cuts, dislocations and fractures, often on their legs, arms and sometimes on the head.”

“These accounts indicate that European Union member states continue to intentionally use violence and harmful infrastructure to deter people from seeking asylum in the European Union,” says Shahbaz Israr Khan, MSF head of mission in the North Balkans. “They’re investing in razor blade fences and drones while turning a blind eye to disturbing and unprecedented levels of violence at borders.”

Alarming violence occurring at Hungary-Serbia border - Hungary | ReliefWeb

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