Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Sri Lanka's Mutual Aid

 As in so many similar situations when the capitalist State begins to fail, working people start to organise themselves as this article shows. 

"Sri Lanka’s unprecedented economic and political crisis has created new kinds of solidarities among citizens, as they try and help each other ride through fuel and food shortages in the absence of assistance or information from the government...

...Tamil and Sinhala, Christian and Muslim, Buddhist and Atheist find themselves next to each other and end up talking about – what else – politics and economics...

...Soup kitchens have been started to feed people. Some of these kitchens have hired nutritionists to advise them on how to provide a simple and nutritious meal. People are also trying to grow vegetables in home and rooftop gardens. Expatriate Sri Lankans are sending much-needed medicine to help tide over the shortage of essential drugs. People visiting Sri Lanka have been besieged with requests to bring medicine..."

As The State Collapses In Sri Lanka, Citizens Fill The Vacuum| Countercurrents

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