Sunday, August 07, 2022

Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay

 From 1 October, the energy price cap – the maximum amount suppliers can charge in England, Scotland and Wales – will go up, leading to further bill rises for millions of customers. 

The typical gas and electricity bill is expected to reach £3,358 in October, according to the consultancy Cornwall Insight. In October 2021, the average annual bill was £1,400.

Protesters are expected to take to the streets. But many also plan to ignore their bills and cancel their direct debits.

Don’t Pay UK, the anonymous group organising the campaign, says it hopes enough people will follow suit to put energy companies in “serious trouble”.

 “We want to bring them to the table and force them to end this crisis,” its website says.

 Don’t Pay UK, which launched in June, said more than 75,000 people had so far signed up to join the strike if radical action is not taken by the government. More than 21,000 people “from all walks of life” are “organising” in their local communities, it added, with activists in cities including Bristol, Brighton, Manchester and London using the messaging app Telegram to coordinate leafleting campaigns to raise awareness – more than 1.6 million of which have been distributed so far.

Can’t pay, won’t pay: thousands in Britain vow to ignore energy bills | Energy bills | The Guardian

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