Wednesday, August 19, 2020

World System Is Flawed

It  is with some surprise an Email I sent to The Metro was published on 19-8-20. 

The title is The Editor's  decision as is some editing of my original Email:
(1) "Leaders will get you lost" was left out. 
(2) "unfortunately" was added to the line: "There are . . ."

Dear Editor,
                   I am responding to M. Mukherjee of Oxford who says:
'The British Government needs to secure fair and just solutions to the problems of poverty, climate change, war and poor foreign leadership,' [Metro Talk, Mon.]

Leadership in any country serves only the interests of the ruling class.

There are unfortunately no solutions to the other problems the writer lists within the present system.

Until we change to a world system of free access to goods and services, production for need rather than profit, and a world without leaders, the above problems will always remain.

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