Friday, August 11, 2017

Modern Slavery & Trafficking In Capitalism

According to The National Crime Agency modern slavery and human trafficking is going on in
' every large town and city ' in The U. K. (The Metro / 11~8~17).

         Will Kerr from The N.C.A. said there were 'lots of different outlets ' for people trafficked into
The U. K. to be working illegally and against their will.

          He went onto say ' they are working in car washes, construction, agriculture and food processing~often receiving little pay and forced to put up with poor living conditions. '

         ' More than 3,800 potential slaves were identified in 2016, up from 1,745 in 2013.'

A campaign has been launched to spot the signs, including visible injuries, a distressed appearance
and any indication a person is being controlled by another.

          The S.P.G.B. as always said we will continue to be wage slaves whilst capitalism exists.
When capitalism is abolished there will be no employer or employed. No exploitation. We will all be treated with dignity.

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