Friday, August 25, 2017

Kent Miners' Festival (28 Aug)

Monday, 28 August
 10:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: Betteshanger Community Park, 
Circular Road, 
Betteshanger, Nr Deal, 
CT14 0LT

Party Stall & Display - (organised by Kent & Sussex Branch)
Transport provided from Deal town centre - Phone 07971 715569

During the Miners' Strike, the function of The Socialist Party was not to give uninvited advice to the miners fighting over the terms of wage slavery — how the trade union struggle is fought must be decided by those involved, not by preachers from the sidelines. Our role was to ask the question: What is the alternative? While the strike may have challenged the employers inevitably it was on their own ground, namely that of capitalism; no strike can attempt to move the struggle to different ground — a political struggle for socialism. Despite the rhetoric, this was, after all, yet another manifestation of the daily class struggle between worker and capitalists, albeit a particularly long and bitter one.  Our purpose was to bring to an end the confusing of a trade union struggle over industrial and economic issues with revolutionary political action.

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