Tuesday, August 29, 2017



A Poll shows the popularity of Prince Charles has declined since
2013. The current Royal PR exercise commemorating Diana's
death 20 year s ago is unlikely, therefore, to improve his ratings.

The Royal PR exercise,
To suck dry all the public's tears;
Has re-ignited in their eyes,
Their old Queen Liz successor fears.
Prince Charles, the Windsor Family drip,
The wimpish man who would be King;
Is seen by some as not too hip,
By others as a ding-a-ling!

Those members of the public who,
Dote on today's Saxe-Coburg clan;
Are fickle when remaining true,
To their main blue-eyed Royal man. (1)
They now prefer young Will to reign,
And by-pass the old jug-eared clot;
(Although to humans with a brain,
It's all a load of tommy rot!)

The media show of Will and Hal,
As grieving, sobbing orphans still; (2)
Is tawdry slush beyond the pale,
Designed to make the teardrops spill.
It's cynicism on the sly,
By the Firm's admen to exploit; (3)
The sympathy for Princess Di;
Which Palace toads see as adroit.

Forgetting that the public might
Blame, as some twenty-years ago;
Camilla and her 'once a knight',
'Cur' Charles her 'Alpha' romeo!
Of course the whole charade still owes,
Much to the soppy public's whim;
And tends to mean a lot to those,
Who's lives are dull because they're dim!

(1) A YOUGOV Poll shows that the popularity of Prince                                        
Charles has dropped from 60% in 2013 to 36% in 2017.

(2) The current extended media PR exercise covers
from Diana's 56th birthday (1 July) to her death 31 Aug.

(3) The 'Firm'--nickname for the British Royal Family.

© Richard Layton

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Anonymous said...

Apologies if this seems nitpicky but it was Diana's 36th birthday, not 56th on 1st July 1997. It had me thinking for a moment so I checked on it. I was sure, sadly, that she wasn't that old.