Sunday, January 22, 2012

Selling People

Dr Francis Delmonico, WHO adviser on human organs donations and transplantation calls to ban trade in body parts. He called for a global co-operation in the field to suppress potential exploitation for the poor seeing that the main incentive for such trade is exploitation and easy money. “Organ trafficking and transplant tourism violates the respect for human dignity and the principles of equality and justice, and it should be prohibited,” he said, adding: “Because transplant commercialism targets the impoverished and otherwise vulnerable donors such as minors, undocumented immigrant and prisoners, it inexorably leads to inequality.” He also added “Transplant tourists prevent deceased donor organs from being available for the destination country because the rich tourists who pay for the organs are preferentially cared for”

Dr Sunitha Krishnan, Prajwala NGO director and co-founder from India, said that “every 10 minutes a human being is trafficked for sex. Over 28million human beings, 45% of them children, are trafficked for various purposes, which include adoption, beggary, domestic work, camel jockeying, and labour servitude. However, sexual abuse usually has irreversible consequences. It is a process of multiple exploitation trafficking where the victim, usually lured by a promise of a better life, are subjected to a systematic process of abuse until they get used to it and believe that there is no other alternative. Then, the victim starts to get accustomed to her situation and live with the exploitation. Usually victims get transformed into perpetrators of the crime themselves and try to recruit others in the scandalous trade. Because no body offered her a timely support, they are stigmatised and forced to live on the margins of the society”

Ruth Dearnally, director of “Stop the trafficking” from the UK, addressed human trafficking in athletes and global sports competitions. She said that sportsmen and sportswomen are usually overworked and exploited publicly for the purpose of national pride and winning. “They usually fall as an easy prey for the greed of people and the demand is high on them..."

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