Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dinosaurs - pot calling kettle black

So, you've got children, and they're eager to go and see a dinosaur. So where's the best place to take them? According to the Prime Minister, the best spot is "the House of Commons at about half past twelve".

After long-standing leftwinger Dennis Skinner asked David Cameron when he might be going to the Leveson inquiry to face questions about his appointment of former News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his Downing Street spokesman, the PM retaliated by calling him a "dinosaur".

It's not the first time he's suggested the Beast of Bolsover belonged in the Mesozoic era. On a previous occasion, after having berated Cameron over inflation and benefit cuts, Cameron replied "I can see he enjoyed that, but he should go back to Dinosaur Land." Not that Skinner isn't averse to hurling abuse around himself, having once described the former Minister of Agriculture, John Gummer, "slimy" and a "wart".

Cameron's reptilian ripostes to statist supporters like Dennis Skinner have a more important function than knockabout entertainment — disciplining his Liberal Democrat coalition partners, of whom 65% identify themselves as being "left-of-centre", a YouGov poll recently found. Tony Blair predicted, in his memoirs, that the Conservatives' progress on the public sector reform agenda would be "held back by the Old Labour instincts of the Liberal Democrats", but Cameron can't very well lambast Nick Clegg's followers without risking the ConDem's collapse, so expect to hear more Jurassic bad-mouthing whenever the opportunity arises.

It must be said, however, that Cameron is quite correct in labeling those who want to see a return to state-run capitalism and heavier taxation of the wealthy, as "dinosaurs". But what he completely fails to see, is that this accusation, is the pot calling the kettle black.

The clapped-out freemarket version of capitalism is also heading for extinction. It has only been able to appear acceptable or bearable to many, who now find themselves suffering from the economic downturn, due to all of the excess lending, financial shenanigans and downright fraud that has been going on for years. Now these props have been blown away by a financial asteroid, ever-increasing numbers of deprived and penalised people are going to be looking for a way out of worsening standards of living. And recognising that capitalism is no longer acceptable, due to the complete inability of all its political adherents — be they from the right, left or middle — to get it to function for the benefit of the majority, voters will increasingly see that what's in their best interests is a complete change in the ownership and control of the means of producing goods and services.

People will increasingly see that worsening deprivation and misery can only be ended by ending capitalism itself, and its wholly unjust system of minority class ownership of vital assets and resources, which should collectively and directly belong to us all.

From Capitalist Money Madness

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