Saturday, May 02, 2020

Feed the Hungry

Hospital staff have been receiving food donations from well-wishers which can arrive in vast amounts and often without notice. The outpouring of generosity has some NHS staff feel guilty about food and gifts they feel might be better directed at others.

San Sunkaraneni, a consultant surgeon in Guildford, tweeted last week: “As much as the free food to NHS workers is appreciated, I’d rather it went to people that really needed it. Shops are open and accessible now. There is plenty of food available for us.”

Pete Neville, a consultant gastroenterologist who works in rotation on Covid-19 wards in Prince Charles hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, explained: “We’re in a poor area and there are high levels of deprivation and poverty. It is extraordinarily sweet of people and we are very grateful. But when you’re getting it night after night, you start to wonder about the homeless and the newly unemployed. I’ve spoken to an awful lot of junior doctors and nurses and secretaries and we’re all very lucky – we’re being paid a decent salary and we can afford to buy our own food. Perhaps the local food bank is a better option.”

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