Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Old Order has been exposed

The Socialist Party visualises the future potential for a new and better world for people and the planet. The Socialist Party seeks to change our imagination and to see that  a new, more just world can emerge. We know the capitalist system is broken. It is leading us down a path of self-destruction. The aversion of the rich, their political servants and media representatives to truth and reality is legendary. The time is now to construct a society we deserve and global solidarity is one of the tool we need. Capitalism cares for nothing nor nobody. Socialism redefines the meaning of progress, the meaning of civilisation and what we mean by happiness. Change doesn't mean that you're going to suffer but will bring a more equal relationship with other people. How do we change the world isn't for any single political party to determine but for all of us collectively. Together we can plan to build a just economy which guarantees a dignified life for all. The current pandemic has shown now that today’s market economy does not value the contributions of countless essential workers. Opportunities now exist to make real change but only fundamental structural systemic change can save humanity. We have the power to stop the approaching climate catastrophe without the need for any technocratic solutions, although some may prove useful and complement.

Can we embrace the socialist alternative to build a more equal and sustainable world going forward?

 Socialism expands justice and equity to all safeguarding us from capitalism’s crises and improving the living conditions of all. Post-pandemic can be the opportunity to address the multiple, intersecting inequalities of gender, race, and class while creating a truly sustainable economy, a win-win for us all. While the majority produces all the wealth in society, a tiny ruling elite controls all the wealth. Production of wealth and control of wealth are separate under capitalism. Working people have no control over the economy that we ourselves built and operate. We are blocked from setting the direction of the economy.

We have seen the rich are getting richer while undermining our own need for survival. We have heard successive governments promise solutions and watched as each failed to deliver, eroding of the conditions of working people and the environment. The pursuit of maximum profit by competing owners of capital necessarily distorts progress and evolution.

We are now done with accepting a system that is willing to sacrifice people in order to maintain economic growth in the interest of accumulating capital and profits. The need has never been greater. A break away from the old way of  doing things presents itself here and now. The need is for people to think and act independently. Great things can be accomplished by relying on ourselves. Do not succumb to the false choices or self-serving agendas promoted by the rich and their representatives. Change cannot be secured by relying on the political parties of the owning class or by going along with what the mainstream media tells us to think. Let us empower the people. The current crises has brought to the fore the many contradictions of capitalism and has provided us with openings that can permit people to go forward if we act in solidary, the opportunities for positive change are great.

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