Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The WSP(NZ) has the solution

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern has suggested employers to consider a four-day working week and other flexible working options as a way to boost tourism and help employees address persistent work/life balance issues.

The prime minister’s comments have excited many New Zealanders, some of whom have wondered whether systemic change will result from the pandemic – or whether life will return to normal with all its associated problems.

The World Socialist Party (New Zealand), however, has a better idea. What about socialism as the answer?

The object of the WSP(NZ) is the abolition of the wage labour and capital relationship and its replacement with socialism, a society of common ownership and free access. Such a revolution can only be brought about by the democratic political action of a majority of class conscious workers.

The WSP(NZ) is not indifferent to such suffering caused by the pandemic; indeed as members of the working class we ourselves experienced, day by day, the indignities and demoralising effects of the consequences. What distinguishes us from other political organisations is that we insist that it is futile to concentrate on just a part of capitalism’s problems. The only effective policy is to campaign exclusively for its abolition and replacement with socialism.

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