Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pick-a-Lackey Election

“I have a record”- ClintonAnd it should be a criminal record.

Hilarity "We came, we saw, he died" Clinton is a savvy enough politician to recognize that she needs to shift her speeches left-wards for at least the Democratic primary campaign. For example, she warned an audience in Illinois of the danger of the return of the days of the "robber barons." But the people aren't stupid. They know Clinton has probably the strongest support from Wall Street of any presidential contender in either party. The elite is winning again. Clinton says she will hold Wall Street accountable and reduce risks, but we don’t exactly know what her agenda is, since she has refused to release the texts of speeches she gave to the bankers who have funded her. It's clearer than ever to millions of people that Clinton isn't part of the solution to the Washington status quo - she is the status quo. She isn’t an Establishment outsider but deeply cosseted within it.  Campaign from the left - Govern from the right!

In one debate, Clinton appealed to her senate record, "I asked for a moratorium." They didn't do it.  "I asked that we do more to try to prevent what I worried was going to happen." It happened. "I also called for closing loopholes including the carried interest loopholes. None were closed even when the Democrats controlled both houses and the presidency. "I also called for changes in CEO pay." Didn't happen. In short, she was ineffectual when it came to reigning in Wall Street. And this comes from someone who claims she can get things done.  

The US has the highest number of its citizens languishing behind bars. Hilarity played a central role in winning support for Bill ‘blow-job’ Clinton's two crime bills in 1994 and 1996 (Bernie Sanders supported the first of them, by the way) that required mandatory sentencing guidelines, accelerated spending on prisons and put more police on the streets. In 1994, Hillary Clinton told a room of police officers: "We will be able to say, loudly and clearly, that for repeat, violent, criminal offenders - three strikes and you're out. We are tired of putting you back in through the revolving door." Now she wants us to believe that she has had a change of heart and wants to end the worst abuses of the system. Clinton claims that she now sees the error of her husband's 1990s crime bills. Even Bill himself says that he "overshot the mark". So now Hillary plans to ban racial profiling, eliminate the sentencing disparities between crack and cocaine, and abolish private prisons, among other measures.

Everyone talks about how awful it would be if Trump won but what he and the other Republican candidates are doing is threatening to do what the Democrats have actually been doing for the last eight years – this mass murder campaign, this regime change campaign, the death squad projects, all hidden in the artful dodge of the humanitarian intervention, which Hillary Clinton herself was foremost in projecting. She should be in the international court at The Hague, not the Oval Office. She is running a supposedly liberal campaign because she is trying to fend off the populist candidacy from Sanders. Nothing she says is the truth because once she gets in the office she will do what exactly what she espoused in the nineties with these trade agreements ike NAFTA and while in the Senate she never opposed any wars, pushed hard for the destruction of Libya. Clinton has the blood on her hands. She put a moral veneer over military intervention, killing in the name of democracy, and taking credit for it as being helpful even if it isn’t.

 No matter what she says, she cannot hide what she really is. She is bought and paid for by the special interest. 

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