Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Migrants pay their way in Italy

Over the past few years, some four million refugees have arrived in Italy from countries outside the EU such as Albania and other parts of Eastern Europe, North Africa, China, South Asia, and the Philippines.

Research shows asylum seekers and refugees arriving in Italy from outside the European Union provide enough social contributions to finance 600,000 annual pensions in Italy.

According to figures non-EU asylum seekers or refugees paid some eight billion euros into the country’s welfare coffers in 2014, while only taking three billion euros out of pensions and other benefits. Refugees were responsible for establishing nearly one in five or 18% of new companies registered in the country in 2014. The research concluded that non-EU refugees contributed 6.8 billion euros in income tax and were proportionately more likely to register for value-added tax payment in comparison with any other community in the society.

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