Tuesday, March 08, 2016


(The man who makes even Boris seem sane!)

The rise of Donald Trump in the U.S. primaries
represents a new low point in political idiocy.

Hot air and noxious gases fan,
Out from both mouth and rump;
That flatulent Republican,
The apt-named Donald Trump!

This bilious, butch, billionaire,
This laughable, lewd, lump;
Complete with verbal derrière,
The turgid Donald Trump.

There’s certainly an anal need,
To prime the piffle pump;
The big-wig of the bullshit breed, (1)
The barmy Donald Trump.

A Yankee word like “schmuck” would do,
Us Brits might just say, “chump”;
Who can we be referring to,
But loony Donald Trump!

What do the Yanks see in this bore,
This grasping, grouchy, grump?
What motivates them to vote for, (2)
That dickhead Donald Trump?

Could some in that unhappy land,
Bring him down with a bump;
Then call the men in white coats and,
Then section Donald Trump?!

(1) See the Wikipedia entry on ‘Bullshit’ and philosopher
Harry Frankfurt’s comments on Wittgenstein’s concept
of ‘non-sense’ and on the bullshit of Donald Trump.

(2) His supporters even make UKIP voters look intelligent.

© Richard Layton

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