Tuesday, August 28, 2018

WELL BLOW ME DOWN! (weekly poem)


The BBC reported that life expectancy in the UK has
dramatically dropped since 2011. The Government
immediately denied that Austerity was to blame.

Well blow me down and strike me pink,
It's all been no surprise;
I saw the TV news report,
And the bland Government retort,
Was the expected lies.

“Austerity is not to blame,
For killing lots of folk”;
They must be having a good laugh,
As they cut social funds in half,
It must be their best joke!

And what of all the sick that died,
Before they got their op?
Is it the many families,
Re the Health Service funding freeze,
Just having a good strop?

And the increase in homelessness,
Someone out there has lied?
Is it just a coincidence,
Or someone else’s negligence,
That many more have died?

And when it comes to benefits,
They claim they’re being fair;
If you have waited week on week,
You've really got a bloody cheek,
To say that they don't care!

Life's better with this Government,
As everybody thrives;
Austerity's been a success,
If you don't count the awful mess,
And many broken lives.

© Richard Layton

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