Tuesday, December 19, 2017



A Tory civil servant in the Home Office under Labour’s Jacqui
Smith leaked documents to Damian Green’s office where the
subsequent police enquiry allegedly found porn on his computer.

Oh Damian Green! Poor Damian Green!
On your computer were there things obscene?
Some coppers are certain that this was the case, (1)
But are you bullshitting just to save face?

It's said that the best defence is attack,
So best you cut your accusers no slack,
Forget about porn and whether it's true,
Just go for the throats of those blaming you.

It's quite ironic that in gathering dirt,
It's come back to haunt you, you odious squirt,
You're next in line to the PM no less, (2)
But as to your job, that's anyone's guess!

The Establishment knows how to close ranks,
As it's had much practice guarding it's flanks;
It tries to keep mum on secrets that smell,
And the ‘public interest’ can go to hell!

But watch out if things can't be kept from view, (3)
(i.e. it was true the pictures were blue!)
Then you-know-who will be dropped like a stone,
Then left to fend, with no friends, on his own.

(1) The police detective computer forensics expert who examined
the computer stated in early December 2017: “the computer was
in Mr Green’s office, on his desk, logged in, his account, his name.
...It was ridiculous to suggest anybody else could have done it”.

(2) Damian Green is First Secretary of State. The post is de facto                    
second in Government when no Deputy Prime Minister is in office.

(3) The inquiry is also investigating a complaint by Kate Maltby                           
who alleges that Mr Green acted in an inappropriate sexual way                          
towards her. It has also been alleged that Mr Green or his allies                           
influenced the Daily Mail to print unsavoury remarks about her.

© Richard Layton

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