Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Blues

Many children in London will receive fewer Christmas presents than the average family pet, new figures from the Childhood Trust, a poverty charity, has revealed.
The average value of gifts spent on many disadvantaged children totals just £19.55.
This figure compares to the average £22 spent on a family pet in the UK.
It used figures from 22 children charities who are supporting more than 25,000 impoverished children in the capital.
“Behind these statistics are the children I know who wake up every morning crying because they feel cold, hungry and are anxious about their futures,” said Laurence Guinness, CEO of the Childhood Trust. “The misery that children face due to poverty is not just at Christmas but all year round."
Poverty was cited as the main reason why children do not enjoy the festive period, at 82 per cent, followed by stress and anxiety (64 per cent), parent or carer mental health problems (60 per cent) and feeling left out compared to other children (64 per cent).
£145 worth of gifts given to the average child in Britain on Christmas Day.

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