Tuesday, August 09, 2016

LABOUR PAINS! (weekly poem)


8/8/16. Labour are to appeal against a High Court ruling that prevents its         
National Executive Committee banning members who joined later than the
12th January and who’ve not paid £25, from voting in the leadership contest.

If you’ve tried joining Labour and,
Have paid your odd three quid;
Their NEC will do their best,
To undermine your bid.     

The Blairite NEC assumes,
You’ll all be Corbynites; (1)
And such a democratic thought,
Is giving them the shites!

Coz Labour throughout life has been,
An autocratic wheeze;
The members vote one way and its,
MP’s do as they please!

Such is its Constitution that,
MP’s aren’t delegates;
And therefore see the membership,
As mere subordinates.

Most Labour MP’s are the pits,
Who’ve climbed up through the slime;
And simply want a fat career,
To earn an extra dime. (2)

The Party fundamentally,
Is flawed in all respects;
Democracy will always be,
The one thing it neglects! (3)

(1) The ruling could mean that between 125,000
and 150,000 extra votes could be cast.

(2) Like most ’democratic’ political parties, Labour is controlled
by professional careerists interested only in their own wellbeing.

(3) Followers who want ‘Leaders’ will always be led up the garden path.

© Richard Layton

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