Tuesday, August 30, 2016



The pound has dropped and shares are down,
Whilst unemployment has increased;
The jobless Gove wears a new frown,
And the Farage barrage has ceased.
We’ve got no immigration now,
But still the leave camp makes a fuss;
There are no immigrants — but how?
Coz there’s no jobs for them - or us!
North of the Border, Scotland way,
The hairy Scots want to secede;
They’re looking forward to the day,
When they’ll undo the Brexit deed. (1)

Soon Ulster will join Ireland and,
Both Wales and Cornwall will withdraw;
From Britain to another land,
Like Celtic Brittany for sure.
And as for holidays abroad,
Forget the cruise around the Med;
The only break you’ll now afford,
Is lovely Jaywick Sands instead. (2)
We’ve lost the E.U. bureaucrats,
But still the UKIP-mongers moan;
These chuckleheaded Brexit twats,
Forgot we had some of our own!

And now we’ve got ‘our’ country back,
We can fulfil our destiny;
By waving the dis-Union Jack
And sinking into the North Sea!
We’ve got our own democracy,
Since we last had the E.U. Poll;
Our wealthy aristocracy,
Say they will fund the extra dole.
Congratulations, Brexitears,
What you’ve achieved took little brains;
The people in the coming years,
Will reap all your figmental gains!

(1) The SNP hope pro-Europe voters will choose ‘Independence’ at the next Scottish Referendum.

(2) Jaywick-an Essex seaside shanty town with 50% unemployment.

© Richard Layton

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