Tuesday, August 02, 2016

AURI SACRA FAMES! (weekly poem)

(‘Cursed craving for gold’ – Virgil. The Aeneid )

The forthcoming Olympic Games will no doubt bring the usual
positive drug tests and far-fetched denials and explanations.

The positive drug test came as,
An unexpected shock;
It must be something they put in,
My lump of Brighton Rock.

Or else it was the Tetley bags,
They put into my tea;
That’s caught me out when I gave them,
My second sample pee.

Or maybe Martians landed and,
Their rocket engine’s heat;
Boiled over my cough mixture gel,
And made me look a cheat.

Whatever the real problem is,
You all must surely see;
Though I’m the only one to gain,
It couldn’t have been me!

And, anyway, who kids themselves,
The Games are healthy sport;
Success today in every way,
Depends on what you snort!

© Richard Layton

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