Sunday, February 05, 2023

World Citizens


Gallup International asked people in 57 countries whether they would prefer to live in another country or stay where they are. 

More than one-third (36%) said they would like to emigrate. People want a better life.

 Younger generations — including those in Europe — are more and more mobile.

 Poor urban populations in many parts of the world — especially in the so-called developing world — are desperate to leave for a better place.  People from low-income countries want to migrate to a place where the standard of living is higher. 

To wish to migrate to a country that offers better possibilities, better conditions, more options for recognition and even better chances to earn more money is quite understandable and normal.

 Many people in the EU say they would migrate, just because they can. In this case, however, migration is mostly from one EU country to another. Mobility in the EU is dynamic. It is also one of the freedoms and rights of being an EU citizen.

International poll shows one in three would emigrate – DW – 02/04/2023

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