Saturday, February 11, 2023

Right-Wing Bigots


Children fleeing conflict and persecution in other parts of the world should still be deported from the UK if they cross the Channel in small boats, according to hardline new proposals from an influential conservative thinktank, Policy Exchange, sometimes used as a platform by senior Tory ministers to trail new measures. It envisages the sidestepping of the Human Rights Act and Modern Slavery Act in order to eliminate legal challenges to removing men, women and children.

“The proposals will simply leave people living in limbo for months on end facing detention and then expulsion from the UK being treated as criminals without a fair hearing on UK soil, having their rights trampled on,” said Enver Solomon, the CEO of the Refugee Council. “It is an approach more akin to authoritarian nations that walk away from international human rights treaties, such as Russia or Belarus, and is no way to treat those who have lost everything through no fault of their own..."

It also offers legitimacy to far-right groups such as those who attacked a hotel temporarily housing refugees in Liverpool. 

Stand Up To Racism blamed the violence on the government’s “scapegoating of refugees”.

Far-right protesters clash with police at Merseyside hotel housing asylum seekers | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

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