Thursday, February 23, 2023

We stand united against all wars - Eve of Destruction (music)

 As a result of the intense rivalry between the U.S. and Russia, the danger of a new destructive world war has increased and concern among the people has heightened. Throughout the world, as well as in this country, genuine socialists are stepping forward to champion the cause of peace. On the other hand, the media and opportunist parties are filling the air with all kinds of propaganda which serve to support one side or the other.

With the world on the brink of war, Russia is presented as the most aggressive being an expanding imperialist power trying to replace U.S. imperialism as the king of the world’s exploiters to become the top dog. Many on the left try to cover up the imperialist nature of Russia highlighting the provocations of NATO using Ukraine as a proxy. Anyone who raises a voice against both sides, rather than simply against the U.S.A and NATO is guilty of “anti-Putin” propaganda. Vice versa, when socialists point to the West’s encroachments on Russia’s spheres of influence, they are described as  “pro-Putin” apologists.

Working people see huge profits made from this war. War is horrible; it threatens the standards of living and even the existence of the working class. Our capitalist masters and their political tools are deliberately plotting and preparing to drag working people into another war. Capitalist production for profits cannot be reconciled with peace and prosperity. There can be no effective struggle against the monster of war unless it is directed towards the establishment of a society based on human needs, without profits, classes or exploitation. 

Only one party stands on that basis, the Socialist  Party. There is no other peace party. Working men and women, you have the power to change everything. Let’s begin building a world where we and our children can live in peace as free human beings without poverty and without fear. There is only one way to fight war – that is, to do away with the capitalist system, which breeds war, and replace it with an international socialist society.

Socialism or Barbarism – that is the choice before us.

 The key to all the “anti-war” activities of Marxists is the understanding that the fight against war is the fight for a socialist society. It is of little use to protest against war while tolerating a social system that breeds war. Capitalism makes war inevitable. Capitalist nations not only exploit their workers but ruthlessly invade, plunder and pillage one another. The profit system is responsible for it all. Abolish that, establish industrial democracy, produce-for-use, and the incentive to war vanishes.

In a war, the Socialist Party does take sides, but it’s a third side. It’s the side of the workers, against the owning class that exploits them now, as well as against the owning class that WANTS to exploit them. 


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