Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Quote of the Day

 “This senseless war has reverberated across the world. Higher costs of food and fuel as a result have deepened misery on a global scale, especially among those who were already the most vulnerable. This war, which is a blatant affront to the UN Charter and the whole body of international law built to protect human beings everywhere, and its vast human toll must end now. ”- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,  Volker Türk

hrmmu-civilian-casualties-24feb2022-15feb2023-ru.pdf (ohchr.org) - Report in Russian

hrmmu-civilian-casualties-24feb2022-15feb2023-ua.pdf (ohchr.org) - Report in Ukrainian

hrmmu-civilian-casualties-24feb2022-15feb2023-en.pdf (ohchr.org) - Report in English


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