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Socialist Party of Great Britain rebukes Congressman who warns of the dangers of socialism

Socialist Party of Great Britain claps back after a U.S. resolution in Congress condemned the political system

The Socialist Party of Great Britain fired back at a U.S. congressman after the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the "horrors of socialism," claiming that "No country has 'tried’" it yet.

In a speech on the house floor, Rep. Mike Flood, R-Neb., touted the resolution as a positive move in the fight against socialism, which he posted to Twitter. 

"I have seen the victims of socialism firsthand, many of those victims have found refuge in Nebraska," Flood said. 

"History shows that when socialism is tried it leads to three things: poverty, devastation and ultimately communism," he added. 

"No country has ‘tried’ socialism," the political party tweeted. "It has NOT YET STARTED. Ever heard of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels? This class-free, state-free, money-free society comes about only AFTER capitalism has been rejected by working class populations."

The SPGB also tweeted a photo that said "Which countries have tried socialism? None. Socialism has not yet started. Marxist social comes AFTER global capitalism is abandoned. This has not yet happened!"

The group also posted a definition of socialism that read "A moneyless society without any ruling class whatsoever, where all the people collectively and directly owned the natural resources, industries etc and democratically controlled how they were used; where work was voluntary, and where everyone has free access to what they needed." 

"Many of the greatest crimes in history were committed by socialist ideologues, including Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, and Nicolás Maduro;" the resolution states. 

The resolution also notes under socialism, 3,500,000 people have starved in North Korea.

"North Korea has STATE CAPITALISM," the SPGB tweeted in response to California Republican Rep. Young Kim's message in support of the bill. "State capitalism has NOTHING to do with the class-free, state-free, money-free socialism/communism that Marx and Engels wanted and wrote about. Stop falsely blaming socialism for what state capitalism has done!"

Socialist Party of Great Britain rebukes Congressman who warns of the dangers of socialism | Fox News

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