Thursday, February 09, 2023

The Earthquake

 Six days on after this tragedy rescuers are still finding people alive in the rubble.  Thoughts turn to the efforts being made to save other people.  

Rescuers are working 24/7, many are volunteers actively working in the finding survivors, while others are helping with aftercare.  Then there is the international effort by charities, worldwide the working class will be donating money and useful goods for others who have lost everything.  

17000 dead so far, many lives have been devastated and people urgently need help to stay alive.  The cooperative effort is to be applauded for the humanitarian effort, which socialists would endorse.

However, what we are against is the shoddy building of homes that were built short of the required Turkish building regulations.  On the whole it has been newly built buildings that have collapsed because, of the lack of enforcement of these building regulations.  One can see on the news broadcasts that there are many buildings still standing!  These buildings no doubt had the required earthquake protection, which was missing from the newer buildings.  

Again the capitalist mentality puts profit above keeping people safe in their home, a story that’s common place in this system of wage slavery and profit at any cost !


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