Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The stark truth about poverty

Nearly half of children in some parts of the UK are living in poverty, a study has said.
More than 3.5 million children are affected with the problem worse in large cities, especially London, Birmingham and Manchester, the End Child Poverty Coalition said. The group warned low-income families "won't be managing tomorrow" if prices rise and benefits are cut or frozen.

The highest levels of child poverty were found in Birmingham's Ladywood, where 47.3% of children were affected and Manchester Central where nearly 45% were included. Meanwhile, in London's Poplar and Limehouse, 43.7% of children were poor (a household is deemed to be in poverty if its income is less than 60% of the median.)

Sam Royston, End Child Poverty chairman, said: "Our children are now twice as likely to be poor as our pensioners. Many families who are just about managing today won't be managing tomorrow if universal credit leaves them with fewer pounds in their pocket, and if rising costs of living means their money doesn't stretch as far as it used to."

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