Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has refused to hold a
public enquiry into Police behaviour at Orgreave Pit
during the Miners Strike. Some are of the opinion
that Thatcher used the Police to break the strike.

That Thatcher clone, Ms. Amber Rudd,
Has changed the lights to Red;
The Orgreave miners grievances,
Are now as good as dead.

In this, our great democracy,
It mustn’t be revealed;
That politicians schemed and lied,
Nor can such wounds be healed.

Ms. Rudd is the Home Secretary, (1)
Who’s job is to be tough,
When all the awkward squad persist,
And start to play it rough.

The Front Bench Harpy who ensures,
The Government says nowt;
On any scandal to ensure,
No skeletons get out.

“Not in the public interest”, is
The phrase most often used;
And no excuse in history,
Has been so much abused!

(1) Amber Rudd (who recently signed an extradition order
against a computer hacker) joins a select group of Tory
Home Secretary’s notorious for their hawkishness:

Michael Howard, “Prison works”.

Leon Brittan set up National Reporting Centre for Police during Miners Strike.

Robert Carr curbed freedom to strike.

Reginald Maudling, “British troops fired in self-defence on Bloody Sunday”.

Henry Brooke wanted to deport Jamaican for shoplifting goods worth £2.

David Maxwell Fyfe was embroiled in the hanging case of Derek Bentley.

© Richard Layton

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