Tuesday, November 15, 2016



A Tribunal’s ruled that Uber taxi cab drivers are not self-employed and HMRC
are investigating other firms as workers falsely classified as ‘self-employed’
are costing the Exchequer millions in lost tax and employer N.I. contributions.

The joy of being ’self-employed’, (1)
In one’s own Hackney Cab;
Beats working on the factory floor,
Which can become a loathsome bore,
And oh! so doggone drab!

The joy of working at a rate,
Below the living wage;
Is one of the great plusses to,
Accrue to many in this new,
‘Victorian-like’ age.

The joy of ‘work-in holidays’,
And loss of Pension Pay;
Has now, in spite of all reforms,
Become one of society’s norms,
Like those of yesterday.

The joy of ‘Private Enterprise’,
Abetted by the State;
Has now condemned a lot of folk,
To one more unrelenting yoke,
And an uncertain fate.

But now the Chancellor’s cottoned-on,
He’s now a bit more cute;
Despite his past pro-business stance,
He’s looking on in sheer askance,
And now wants his lost loot! (2)

(1) Uber state that they will appeal against the ruling.

(2) The C.A.B. estimates that nearly half a million employees
are falsely classified as being ‘self-employed’ in Great Britain.

© Richard Layton

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