Thursday, November 03, 2016

Living space in India

 A few Indians are privileged to live in palatial mansions with scores of large rooms. ‘Antilia’ is owned by Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, and includes a staff of 600 to maintain the residence 24/7 and has an estimated value of $1 billion.

However, 33% of Indians live in less space than the minimum cell requirements for US prisoners. In fact, a majority of Indians have per capita space equivalent to or less than a 10 feet x 10 feet room for their living, sleeping, cooking, washing and toilet needs.

The data shows 32% of urban houses are 258 sq ft or less in area. Given that urban households have an average size of 4.3 persons, this translates to 60 sq ft per person, the minimum specified for US prisons.
Similarly, 39% of rural houses are 312 sq ft or less. Given the average household strength of 4.8 persons, that works out to 65 sq ft per person — just a little more spacious than a cramped American jail.
What's the average size of an Indian house? It's 494 sq ft in rural areas — or 103 sq ft per person — and 504 sq ft in urban areas, or 117 sq ft per person.

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