Monday, April 18, 2016

The Football Industry

The market value of players in the English Premier league, where there are 544 professionals and their market value is $4.4 billion. The English first league teams are worth $4.4 billion.
 Spain comes second with their $3.3 billion worth of players.
Germany and Italy have $2.6 billion worth of players.
France has $1.6 billion worth of professional first league players.
Turkey has $1.1 billion while Russia is close to Turkey.
Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands have an asset of football players worth less than $1 billion but they are in the top 10 of Europe.

The top four in the Premier League, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United, constitute 40 percent of the whole league’s assets.
 In Spain, Read Madrid and Barcelona football players alone are worth 40 percent of the Spanish league.

PSG represents 30 percent of the French league.

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