Monday, April 11, 2016

Socialists say ‘stop voting for capitalism’

Socialists say ‘stop voting for capitalism’
The Greater London Assembly elections on May 5th will give over a million Londoners a chance to vote for more than just a “glorified talking shop”, according to The Socialist Party which launched its campaign for three of the London super-constituencies yesterday.
“The Assembly is about managing the costs of inequality. We say stop electing people who just run London for the benefit of the rich. We want to see wealth and power owned and controlled by everyone”, said Kevin Parkin, Socialist candidate for Lambeth and Southwark.
Joining him were fellow candidates, Bill Martin (North East London) and Adam Buick (South West London), who said “democracy should mean all have an equal say in running things, but today we don’t.  Socialism will make us free from bosses, loan sharks and landlords.  We will be able to produce wealth to meet the needs of all the people, not just a few.”
Robert Cox

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