Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Educate Agitate Organise

The Socialist Party will be standing in the 5th May elections to the Welsh Assembly and the Greater London Assembly. In London, we will be contesting 3 of the 14 super-constituencies and in Wales Swansea West.

SWANSEA - Street Stall
Saturday 23rd April - 10:00am, and Saturday, 30th April - 10:00am.
Offers of help in the campaign gratefully received - please contact Swansea
Branch at 01792 643624.

Saturday, 23rd April - 11:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday, 23rd April - 12:00pm - 2:00pm

LONDON DALSTON - Candidates' Hustings for London Assembly
Saturday, 23rd April 5:00pm. Including The Socialist Party's candidate, Bill Martin.

LONDON CLAPHAM - Stall and leafleting for GLA elections
Sunday, 24th April - From 11:00am, AND Sunday, 1st MAY - From 11:00am

Saturday, 30th April - 11:00am - 1:00pm

Other Meetings

LONDON CLAPHAM - The 1916 Dublin Easter Rising
Sunday, 24th April - 3:00pm. A talk by guest speaker Dr Ivan Gibbons.

DONCASTER - How Can We Oppose the Trade Union Bill?
Saturday, 30th April - 1:00pm - Debate between Tosh McDonald (Labour Party/ASLEF member, and Bill Martin (SPGB)

FOLKESTONE - Street Stall
Saturday, 30th April - 12:00pm

MANCHESTER - March and Rally
Saturday, 30th April - 12:30pm Leafleting and literature sale at Manchester Trades Union Council event.

LONDON CLAPHAM - 'Turkey: Recent Developments and Future Prospects'
Saturday, 30th April - 4:00pm. Talk and presentation by Richard Field.

MAY DAY IN LONDON - Leafleting and Literature Sales
Sunday, 1st May - 11:00am. Assembles at Clerkenwell Green from 11.00 – marching to Trafalgar Square. Meet up outside Marx House.

BURNLEY- May Day Rally
2nd May - 1:00pm. The Socialist Party will have a stall at this event.

SWANSEA - Street Stall
Saturday, 7th May - 10:00am. Also subsequent Saturdays at 10:00am.

BRIGHTON - Discussion Group
Tuesday, 10th May - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

CANTERBURY - Street Stall
Saturday, 14th May - 12:00pm

MANCHESTER - The EU Referendum
Saturday, 14th May - 2:00pm. Discussion.

For details of these and other branch meetings, see the Events Calendar

Also check out the Party's Meetup group


Anonymous said...

Will the World Socialists of Clapham be actively opposing this Trade Union bill?

ajohnstone said...

Depends on your definition of actively opposing. At our size and influence there isn't too much we can do in a material sense to determine the outcome.

No doubt at the public protests we will be leafleting, explaining the case for socialism and how it relates to the current class-struggle and supporting our fellow-workers defending what limited powers they have to protect their living standards and quality of life. We will most definitely take sides between the employing class and their wage-slaves.