Tuesday, December 29, 2015



Having been demoted from Party Chairman for “overfirmly denying”
running a business whilst an MP, Shapps has now resigned because he
failed to act in the bullying affair where a young Tory committed suicide.

Farewell Grant Shapps, one of the chaps,         
That everyone could trust;                                   
Provided that he kept the bread,   
And left you with the crust!           
Described as, “Unreliable”,
The Guardian hath spoke; (1)
So it’s ironic one can’t say,
He’s a pig in a poke.

As one could always be assured,
Indeed be more than sure;
That somewhere lurking in the past,
Were more sacks of manure!

But other chancers still remain,
And law firm Clifford Chance;
Will make enquiries of a sort,
Or least adopt a stance! (2)

The Tory Party more than most,
Attracts the oily kind;
Who after they donate, expect
That they’ll be wined and dined.

The Party is the kind of place,
Where monkey business thrives;
And ‘dog-eat-dog’ the only way,
These ‘Pit-Bulls’ live their lives.  

(1) The Guardian 01/12/15.

(2) Law firm Clifford Chance have often worked for the
Tory Party so some are questioning their ‘independence’.

© Richard Layton

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