Friday, November 27, 2015

Stop Wars

France, the UK and also Germany intend to ratchet up military activity in Syria, purportedly to attack ISIS, although the previous time Cameron went to Parliament for its approval to bomb, the purpose was regime change to remove Assad, ISIS was not the target. 

Although Corbyn may oppose this military venture, it seems many of his Labour Party colleagues sitting in the House of Commons and in his Shadow Cabinet will not follow his example and will most likely vote with the Tories. 

Dennis Skinner, however, in support of Corbyn’s position ,explained:

“Is it not essential in any prelude to a war to be sure of our allies and to be sure of the objectives? Is it not a fact that Turkey has been buying oil from ISIL? They used Turkey’s trucks to store it. Turkey has been bombing the Kurds, and the Kurds are fighting ISIL. Turkey shot down a Russian jet, even though Russia wants to fight ISIL. The Prime Minister has the objective of getting rid of Assad. A Russian ally has the opposite objective. What a crazy war—enemies to the right of us, enemies to the left of us. Keep out.”

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