Friday, November 13, 2015

Fact of the Day (Apple)

Apple is richer than you probably think. Apple could give every single U.S. resident $646. The company has so much money, it could purchase every major sports team in the world.

32 NFL teams are worth approximately $37.2 billion. Meanwhile, the NBA’s 29 teams are cumulatively worth about $32 billion. Somewhat surprisingly, the 30 teams that comprise Major League Baseballare worth approximately $36 billion. And pulling up the rear, the value of all NHL teams checks in at $14.7 billion. Apple could quickly acquire all 20 teams in Major League Soccer for $3.14 billion and still have enough money to purchase the 20 top international soccer teams in the world, including heavy hitters like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United. All told, acquiring the top 20 soccer teams in the world would cost an estimated $23.2 billion.

Apple could acquire them all (except Bayern Munich - Bundesliga clubs must be 51 per cent owned by their members) and still have a little over $59.7 billion left over.

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