Thursday, February 20, 2014

World Day Of Social Justice

   At the end of the nineteenth century Juan Pio Acosta lived near Uruguay's border with Brazil.

   In those lonely parts his work kept him on the road, moving from town to town.

   He travelled by stagecoach along with eight other passengers in first, second and third class.

   Juan Pio always bought a third-class ticket, which was the least expensive.

   He never understood why there were different prices.
Everyone had the same seats, whether they paid more or paid less: jammed in, eating dust, jolted relentlessly.

   He never understood why until one bad winter day when the wagon got stuck in the mud. The coachman ordered:

   'First-class, stay where you are!'

   'Second-class, get off!'

   'And those in third . . . start pushing!'

Eduardo Galeano from 'Children of the Days - A Calendar of Human History'

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ajohnstone said...

That raised a much needed chuckle today