Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's human nature, ain't it?

The Norwegian charity SOS Children's Villages placed a 11-year-old boy on a bus stop bench in Oslo, Norway, and filmed him for two days using a hidden camera. The young boy was not wearing a jacket and can be seen in the video visibly shivering from the cold. When people waiting at the bus stop ask why he is not wearing a coat, he tells them he is on a school field trip and someone has stolen it.

His predicament sees one concerned woman take off her coat and wrap it around him, while another man takes off his and sits on the bench with just a t-shirt on. In fact, only three people out of the 12 people who approached him did not offer their jacket, scarf or gloves.

As the young volunteer Johannes Lønnestad Flaaten said "There were so many nice people," Johannes told The Aftenposten. "We filmed for two days, and I thought maybe only three or four of them would give me their jacket altogether. But there are many more who did it. Many more than those who are shown in the video."

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