Friday, February 28, 2014

Female Students As Commodities

Excess wealth, widespread poverty and inequality are all poisonous to our nation (US). These poisons threaten our economy, our democratic process, academic integrity, our justice system and our culture.

(The full article can be read here but below is the snippet relevant to 'our culture.')

Excess wealth and spreading poverty - inequality - have coarsened our culture. Young women are increasingly making financial agreements with sugar daddies. One firm brokering these arrangements,, boasts of about 800,000 members. In these arrangements, wealthy men pay an average of $3,000 per month for time with the young women. Web sites brokering such arrangements claim that sex is not involved, but one of the young women made the observation that, "A guy is a guy, and guys want sex."
For each wealthy male seeking a match, there are more than 10 women. The arrangements are increasingly tempting to young college women accumulating burdensome student loans. For the number of students registered with, New York University, as of July 2011, ranked first with 498 "sugar babies."


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