Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Floodgate Part 1 - Poem

Part 1 of 3. The Farage Barrage!

(UKIP have expelled Councillor David  
Silvester of Henley-on-Thames for claiming
that recent flooding was caused by the
Government’s Marriage (Same Sex) Act!)

It’s clear that fire and brimstone’s out,
And flooding is now in;
To chastise our unchastity,
And all unnatural sin!
God’s wrath has smitten Cameron,
And his limp-wristed law;
And caused much inundation on,
The countryside and shore!

Thus in His Arc-like punishment,
God breached the water dykes;
So gays and wicked dykes were smote,
Throughout His flooding strikes!
Although it’s a queer justice, that,
Allows gays on high ground; 
Avoid the flooding whilst some straights,
On lower ground were drowned!

Silvester’s God moves in strange ways, (1)
His wonders to perform;
Such miracles thus tend to lie,
Outside the social norm.
This God-forsaken twisted love,
Is clearly Henley sent;
And seems a kind of justice, that
In retrospect seems bent.

If Cameron et al have sinned,
Would it not be more fair;
To punish them but leave alone,
The innocents out there?
But simple-minded thinking tends,
To stem from the more dense;
And most religious oddities,
Aren’t known for common sense!

(1) David Silvester claimed that Cameron
had acted “arrogantly against the Gospel”.

© Richard Layton

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