Monday, July 03, 2017

Misinformation on Muslim terrorism

The media is making people disproportionately fearful of Muslim terrorists. By covering terrorist attacks by Muslims dramatically more than other incidents, media frame this type of event as more prevalent. It is no wonder that Americans are so fearful of radical Islamic terrorism. Reality shows, however, that these fears are misplaced.
Terror attacks carried out by Muslims receive more than five times as much media coverage as those carried out by non-Muslims in the United States, according to an academic study.
Analysis of coverage of all terrorist attacks in the US between 2011 and 2015 found there was a 449 per cent increase in media attention when the perpetrator was Muslim.
Muslims committed just 12.4 per cent of attacks during the period studied but received 41.4 per cent of news coverage, the survey found.
They found that the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, which was carried out by two Muslim attackers and killed three people, received almost 20 per cent of all coverage relating to US terror attacks in the five-year period.
In contrast, reporting of a 2012 massacre at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin that left six people dead and was carried out by Wade Michael Page – a white man, constituted just 3.8 per cent of coverage. A mass shooting by Dylann Roof, who is also white, at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, killed nine people but received only 7.4 per cent of media coverage, while a 2014 attack by Frazier Glenn Miller on a Kansas synagogue left three dead but accounted for just 3.3 per cent of reports.
The finding debunked Donald Trump’s suggestion, made in February, that the media is not reporting terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims.


Peter Bennett said...

The muslins account or 1% of usa population.
What % of terrorists attacks?

ajohnstone said...

The article was about the disproportionate reporting of Muslim terrorism by the media.

My own view is also that the media fails to sufficiently report the condemnations and disassociation of such acts by the many mosques and imams.

I am minded that all the mosques declined to give the recent London terrorists Islamic funerals, something that even the Catholic Church would permit IRA terrorists but such lack of sympathy and support for the Islamic fundamentalists are rarely emphasised in the media.

But can you tell me what the global % of ISIS-inspired terrorism acts were against other muslims?

Peter Bennett said...

Probably 100% but muslims make up 99.9% of the populations they bombed. Not 1% bombing 99%.

matthew culbert said...

It is not as you say 1% engaged in bombing 99%. But a miniscule fraction of the 1% engaged in terrorist activity.