Monday, July 24, 2017

A change is needed

New Zealand top rich-lister Graeme Hart's wealth rose $500m to $7.5b, and again he is  at number one. 

The total value of the Rich List jumped 10 per cent since 2016, worth over $80 billion.

National Business Review editor, Duncan Bridgeman, said, "boom times" had continued for the rich. "The rich get richer and the rich are having a really successful period at the moment."

Top 10 New Zealand Rich 
Graeme Hart - $7.5 billion
Peter Thiel - $3.7 billion
Todd Family - $3.5 billion
Richard Chandler - $2 billion
Erceg family - $1.65 billion
Sir Michael Friedlander - $1.6 billion
Goodman family - $1.475 billion
Christopher Chandler - $1.4 billion 
Stephen Jennings - $1.1 billion
Sir Michael Fay - $920 million

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