Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Other Grenfell victims

The Government’s 12-month immigration amnesty offered to Grenfell Tower survivors has been branded a “trap” by the leading human rights group, Liberty. It accused the Home Office of luring in undocumented survivors at their most vulnerable to harvest their data, before exposing them to “the same cruel policies it inflicts on other undocumented migrants.”
The group accused the Government of “exploiting” the situation to gather data for future immigration control.
They added that the amnesty was a “false promise” which will leave undocumented survivors unable to access the care they need.
“This policy lures undocumented Grenfell survivors in at their most vulnerable, gets their data on file, gives them a brief reprieve, then exposes them to the same inhumane policies the Home Office inflicts on other undocumented migrants – enforced destitution, denial of basic services and the constant threat of detention and removal,” said its director, Martha Spurrier. “The only way to ensure undocumented survivors can access the help and support they so desperately need is to grant them a permanent amnesty. It is the least this Government can do.”

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