Saturday, May 06, 2017

Words are our weapons

Members of the Socialist Party take pride in the fact that the Socialist Standard has been published without interruption since 1904. This is no small achievement, sometimes brought about through huge personal sacrifice impelled by a massive commitment to the cause. When the magazine was decided five proposals were submitted for its title: The Socialist News; The Socialist Standard; The Socialist Republic; The Red Flag; and finally, Socialism.

Writing and editing of the articles as well as the distribution have been done by members in their spare time and often under great difficulty. The Standard have always tended to reflect the Socialist Party’s origins in Britain’s movement of self-educated working-men and women in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The journal is written in a simple, direct style and focuses mainly on socialist advocacy and Marxian analysis of current events. It said in its very first editorial “We are all members of the working class, and cannot hope that our articles will always be finely phrased, but we shall at least endeavour to lay before you on every occasion a sane and sound pronouncement on all matters affecting the welfare of the working class. What we lack in refinement of style we shall make good by the depth of our sincerity and by the truth of our principles...We shall show that that the misery, the poverty, and the degradation caused by capitalism grows far more rapidly than does the enacting of palliative legislation for its removal.” Across the decades writers have maintained the Standard's high reputation in presenting our case and willingness to answer opponents. The columns of the Standard were always open to those who wished to express their criticism of the Party and its policy.

Our very first issue expected soon become a weekly publication. Unfortunately, this so far proved to be a much more difficult task than was then believed.

Confident of the quality of the Socialist Standard's content, the party offers a free three-issue trial on request. 

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