Tuesday, May 23, 2017

IT'S ONLY MAYKE BELIEVE! (weekly poem)


Much to the chagrin of some of her backbenchers,
Mrs May has promised that the Conservatives will
increase workers rights after the General Election.

Strike legislation will be scrapped,
And Benefits increased;
The Bedroom Tax will soon be capped,
And Council Tax decreased!

Train Fares will be reduced by half,
And Gas and 'Leccy' too;
Life could be one long jolly laugh,
When you vote Tory Blue.

Food Banks will pay those who've survived,
To take their food away;
The NHS will be revived,
Soon after Polling Day.

The roads and lanes of this fair isle,
Will soon be crater free;
With all pollution (in a while!) (1)
Cleaned up for you and me.

In fact all these new strategies,
Will soon be on the way;
With Cameron's naff policies,
Reversed by Mrs May.

It's all as if the Tory team,
Of old did not exist;
Although, of course, one can still dream,
Or better still, get pissed!

(1) A High Court judge recently ordered the Government
to publish immediately its city pollution reduction plans.

© Richard Layton

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