Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Fact Check

Again, immigration and education are two of the biggest themes dominating a general election campaign. And once again, the true facts about these issues aren’t the things you hear during political hustings.

Students from just 10 schools in the UK (mostly private schools) apply to as many jobs at leading employers as all the students from the entire lowest performing 10 per cent of schools in the UK combined. Grammar schools, popular once again with the Conservative Party, actually depress job applications from comprehensive school students in their local areas – even applications from students at high achieving comprehensive schools. So much for helping those who are “just about managing”.

The same data gathered shows that refugee children, far from being misfits or a drain on the state, actually have the highest average academic outperformance of any group of students. They are three times more likely than other students to switch to better schools between GCSE and A Levels – something that other disadvantaged people often do. Nor do refugee children necessarily have the advantage of a strong family background. On the contrary, many had entered the UK unaccompanied by parents or other family members.

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