Friday, May 05, 2017

Local election results

Folkestone East
Max Hess, 48 votes 1.5%, Turnout  25%

Folkestone West
Andy Thomas, 23 votes 0.6%, Turnout 31% 

Howard Pilott, 19 votes 0.4% Turnout 52% Turnout

Guildford West
Adam Buick, 12 votes 0.5%. Turnout: 29%. 

The number of votes is par for the course for when the party stands. Hopefully, though, our campaign raises the party's profile and its identification with the case for socialism. Undaunted we will be once again be contesting various constituencies in the forth-coming General Election.

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Londonsocialist said...

I think a much more likely explanation for the vote in Folkestone East is that there was no Green Party candidate standing there. TUSC contested Folkestone West in the elections four years ago and got 86 votes. This suggests that most of their votes went to the Labour Party which TUSC is now supporting.